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Unified Storage for SMBs
The Vess R2000 Series offers a cost-effective way to meet performance goals while simplifying administration and adding flexibility. Choose to use a FC SAN for heavy I/O applications like video editing, high performance computing or scientific research. Use the iSCSI SAN for less intensive I/O applications like data backup or remote replication. And use NAS for video surveillance, virtualized environments or general file sharing applications.

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Tel: +84 6296 1226
Fax: +84 3785 7212
Mr:Tho: 0983 283 696
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Highlights and Features
  • Unified Storage
    Dual active-active Fibre Channel (8Gbps) and iSCSI (1Gbps & 10Gbps) solution with support for dual active-standby NAS
  • Best Price/Performance
    Low cost solution with impressive performance
  • Virtualization Ready
    Certified with DataCore SANsymphony-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer & Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Supports VMWare VAAI
    Reduces resource overhead on VMWare vSphere ESXi hosts, significantly improving performance for storage-intensive operations
  • Easy Maintenance & Serviceability
    Hot swappable drive bays, redundant power supplies and One Plug Auto Service simplifies management & streamlines tech support
  • Perfect Rebuild
    Can improve the time to rebuild an array by over 400%
  • Predictive Data Migration
    Proactively detects drive failures before they occur and migrates data to a healthy drive
  • Advanced Battery Flash Backup
    Provides protection of the RAID cache beyond the standard 72 hour window
  • Online LUN Clone
    Allows the data replication, backup, and restoration functions of LUN cloning to continue without halting I/O operations for the host
  • Smooth Scalability
    Excellent expansion potential via Vess JBOD enclosures
  • LACP Option for Port Trunking
    Experience improved throughput without upgrading the hardware architecture.
  • Optimized for Surveillance
    Operating mode for IT and surveillance environments
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